Eminem's 21 Rap Secrets - FREE e-book

Eminem’s 21 Rap Secrets – FREE e-book


We’re giving away a FREE e-book called “Eminem’s 21 Rap Secrets” to anyone who buys a copy of the book “How To Rap” on Amazon.com or in bookstores…

In the free e-book, you’ll find Eminem’s 21 secrets of rapping – all the advice is directly from Eminem himself.

Eminem 21 secrets ebook

How to get it:

To get the e-book, just email some proof of purchase that you bought the book “How To Rap” to:

It can be:
– A screenshot or photo of your completed Amazon order
– A photo of the book with your bookstore receipt
– A photo of the book next to some form of ID

The Amazon link for How To Rap is here: How To Rap