Top 5 Rhyming Dictionaries For Rappers

Top 5 Rhyming Dictionaries For Rappers


A lot of top rappers use rhyming dictionaries when they’re stuck on a particular rhyme… so which ones are the best to get? Check out our list…

1. The Complete Rhyming Dictionary: Including The Poet’s Craft Book

720 pages
$7.19 Paperback

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary is the most popular rhyming dictionary and it also comes with a small section on poetry techniques too. You get a lot of rhymes, as it’s 720 pages and it’s also a good price, at just over $7 for the paperback (the hardcover is pricier at around $30). Definitely a good solid rhyming dictionary that is suitable for most rappers.
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2. The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary

544 pages

The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary is shorter, at 544 pages, and more expensive, at just over $15. A lot of people do prefer this one though, as it has a very good index which lets you look up specific words very quickly. This may suit some rapper’s work flow a little better, so it’s worth checking out if you’ve found other rhyming dictionaries difficult to navigate.
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3. The New Comprehensive American Rhyming Dictionary

624 pages

This one is midway in between the first two rhyming dictionaries — it’s 624 pages and it costs around $12. The layout for this one is different again and some people prefer how it lists rhymes by the numbers of syllables.
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4. Merriam Webster’s Pocket Rhyming Dictionary

347 pages

This is the most popular “pocket” rhyming dictionary and it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something you can travel with easily. If you think of a good line while you’re out, this could help you complete the line while it’s still on your mind. At just under $6, it’s a good resource to have.
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5. Essential Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary: Pocket Size Book

304 pages

This one is a similar price to the previous pocket rhyming dictionary, though it’s about 40 pages shorter. As all rhyming dictionaries are slightly different, it could be good to use alongside the other pocket dictionary as a backup if that one doesn’t cover a particular word you need.
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